Ancient Agora of Thessaloniki


The Ancient Forum, the centre that is administrative of Thessaloniki, occupied an area about two hectares into the heart associated with city. Its construction started at the end associated with 2nd century A.D. on the site of an adult forum dating from early times that are imperial.

The complex was arranged around a rectangular square that is paved. There were stoas on three sides, all of which contained a double row of columns and offered access that is direct a surrounding zone of public buildings. The stoa that is southern on a vaulted substructure (cryptoporticus) – a double arcade which lay partly underground, making use of the normal slope of this land. South, over the entire of the cryptoporticus, lay a row of shops fronting the shopping that is ancient which ran over the north side of present-day Philippou St. Off this road lay minor entrances towards the square, as the latter opened north, to your present-day Olympou St. A building for public performances ended up being erected, which, in line with the inscription and the statues of Muses found there, will need to have functioned as an odeon in the middle of the eastern wing, on the website of an early on council – chamber.