delos1It is estimated that, circa 90 B.C., about 30,000 people lived with this island that is tiny that will be only a dot in the map of this Mediterranean. The names inscribed on the tombstones within the cemetery that is ancient us with evidence that during the 2nd c. B.C., apart from the island’s majority of Athenian and Roman residents, Delos was populated by folk from most Mediterranean towns: from the Peloponnese and Italy, from mainland areas, Central, Western Greece and Macedonia, Thrace, the Black water and Asia Minor, through the Aegean isles, Cyprus, Crete, and faraway places Troas that is including, Aiolis, Ionia, Lydia, Caria, Lycia, Bithynia, Paflagonia, Pontus, Cappadocia, Pisidia, Pamphilia, Cilicia, Syria, Media, Phoenicia, Palestine, Libya, Arabia and Egypt.

At the moment, every one of these people, in spite of their diverse nationalities and different historic and cultural backgrounds, was able to forge a culture that is peaceable. They communicated with one another in talked and written Greek, the language that is inter-national of duration, adopted the Greek lifestyle, lived in Greek-style houses and built Greek temples, where they freely worshiped the gods of the homelands. The islanders worked companionably and enjoyed community life, while their children played together, learned at same Gymnasium, and trained in exactly the same Palaestrae.

Greeks, the antithesis for the zealous supporters of monotheistic religions, had been always prepared to accept that their neighbour’s god had been indeed a god, frequently one of their own gods with a title that is significantly diffent. Apollo, although just a little hesitant in the beginning, soon didn’t object sharing Sarapis, Isis to their island birthplace, Harpocrates and Anubis, or the Jesus of Israel, the Gods for the Arabs, Atargatis and Adad, the Gods of the Phoenicians plus the Roman Gods. Therefore, maybe for the full time that is very first human history, in this small corner associated with earth nearly all the Mediterranean peoples co-existed in harmony.